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“Kassandra’s Corner” Column: Dear Red Sox…

Posted by Joshua Kummins on May 3, 2010

Kassandra Toppi is an avid baseball fan and friend of the KCT Baseball blog. She will become a regular contributor with her new column, “Kassandra’s Corner.” Toppi serves as the president of the Toppi Times, a website devoted to news, sports, and a whole lot more! Her first column expresses her concern with the recent struggles of the Boston Red Sox as an avid fan.

Dear Red Sox,

I’m your biggest fan, and I just wanted to ask you a huge favor. I am going to ask you to try to win the big game tonight against the Angels. You’ve lost three in a row! What is going on? Five of your last ten games haven’t exactly made me want to jump for joy. I listen to you on my iPod radio when I’m supposed to be sleeping and what do I get in return? Three losses in a row! Want proof? Okay, how about when you opposed Baltimore at Camden Yards this past? 5-4 in extra innings, 12-9, 3-2 in extra innings. Come on you can not actually believe that all your fans liked watching that, especially the fans at the stadium coined “Fenway South!” I mean really if you bother to make it to extra innings you might as well bring on the heat! So I’ll ask you to win and in return I’ll promise to wear my lucky Red Sox hat during every single game. If it helps I’ll still listen to you on my iPod at night, too!

Your Biggest Fan,
Kassandra Toppi

Questions about her column can be directed to Kassandra via e-mail at thetoppitimes@aol.com.


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